Yogurt cups

Our grass-fed Jersey cows do the hard work producing this naturally sweet whole milk yogurt with a golden cream top.  The yogurt gets its creaminess and flavor from the pastures the cows graze.

We pasteurize the milk before adding the yogurt cultures, but we do not homogenize it, so you’ll find a wonderful layer of golden cream on top of each quart of yogurt. We’ve chosen to make plain, whole milk yogurt to keep things simple. It’s just milk from our grass-fed cows and the probiotic cultures doing their magic – no added sugar, flavors, or stabilizers. If you’re in the mood for sweeter yogurt, we’d suggest trying it with honey, fruit, or even a delicious jam mixed in. Or, try a smoothie with fruit – it’s what we eat for breakfast every day.

We let the cows choose their own ingredients

Our yogurt is available from spring through early winter, maximizing the pasture season. In the summer, the yogurt looks golden from the beta carotene found in grass, and in the winter you’ll find a lighter white color as the cows are eating organic hay.

We trust our cows to use their natural instincts to choose what’s best within a healthy pasture. We think the end result is the best-tasting yogurt around! We don’t use chemicals, pesticides, hormones, GMOs or antibiotics. We believe in real food, produced with love and a very short ingredient list. Happy eating from your farmers!

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