The Cows

Griffen and Penny

Griffen and Penny

The story on our cows… 

We have started with a small herd of nine Jersey cows but plan to grow our herd as our production and marketing capabilities grow. Our cows come from a long line of distinguished cows at other New England dairy farms that specialize in cheese, yogurt and raw milk. Each cow gets individual attention every day, and each rewards us with her own strong personality.

Our cows are out on pasture as long as the grass is growing, and even on the nice winter days when it’s not. They get a fresh paddock of grass after every milking, twice a day, to make sure they get all the nutrients they need and enough energy to produce lots of milk. Making milk is hard work!

Jerseys are known for their rich milk and their ability to convert grass into energy more efficiently than other breeds of cows. On average, they produce slightly less milk than a typical American dairy breed like a Holstein, but the milk they do produce is richer and has a higher protein content which makes it perfect for turning into cheese and yogurt.

A little bit about the grazing girls:

Angela – Angela’s dark face and large frame make her a model cow. Her great milk production and demeanor mean she’s one of our new favorites.

Anna – It may be her first season milking, but Anna acts like a pro. She’s doing her job and is a sweet thing to boot.

Bella – Mom to Brigid and grandmother to Betty, Bella is a lady who knows how it all works. A milk-making, beautiful brown Jersey cow machine. We hear she is from a long line of cows with great personalities.

Brigid – Small in stature but big on personality. Brigid bats her beautiful long lashes at you and you may find yourself gazing into her eyes for quite a while. Just don’t stop too long to look or she’ll kick off the milking machine, again.

Clementine – True to her name, our darlin’ Clementine happens to be a real sweetie. Clementine is the first to greet us when we go into the pasture and always ready for a good head scratching session.

Dimples – With her stocky frame and large head, Dimples is a slow-moving, milk-producing machine. If Dimples decides to be somewhere, don’t bother trying to move her – she’s got her mind made up.

Griffen – With a few years of experience at this milking business under her belt, Griffen shows all the other cows how to behave. Top-notch producer with no funny business – what could be better?

Irene – This year is Irene’s first go-around in the milking parlor, and we hope she eventually cooperates! She is a sweet girl who loves a head scratch but doesn’t like to follow the herd… yet.

Penny – Like a sweet housepet, Penny prefers to be led by the collar. Always last in the parlor and last down the farm lane. She may look delicate, but don’t let looks deceive you – she’s the alpha cow.