Grass-Fed Veal

Humanely-Raised, 100% Grass-Fed Veal

Veal is currently for sale by appointment. Please contact us at or 917-941-5898.

Veal is a natural product on a dairy farm. Male calves can’t be milked, so they don’t have a long term role in a dairy. On most farms, the bull calves are sold at birth to other farms that raise them in tiny hutches. We’ve chosen to keep the calves and rear them with great care and attention, with their mothers, out on pasture. Your purchase of this meat helps support this high standard of animal husbandry.

The veal is from our Jersey bull calves born last winter. They spent nearly four months nursing from their mothers (our dairy cows) until weaning, then spent the rest of their lives on pasture, getting moved to fresh grass every morning.

Lastly, this meat is really tasty! It tastes like a milder, tenderer version of beef; some people call it Rose Veal since the meat gets a rosy hue from the animals being grass-fed. It is an entirely different product than the bland white or pink meat you see as veal sold in supermarkets from an animal typically kept in tight quarters and fed only grain and fake milk.

 Price List:

Rib chops               $17/lb

Loin chops              $17/lb

Shoulder chops     $14/lb

Sausage                  $11/lb

Ground veal            $11/lb

Cutlets                      $15/lb

Osso Buco                $13/lb

Bones for stock        $5/lb

Heart/liver/tongue   $8/lb