Peach Fuzz cheese

Cheese! It was our love and unending hunger for cheese that got us started on this crazy adventure.

Peach Fizz (pictured at left) is an ever-so-slightly stinky washed-rind cheese with a orange and pink-colored rind. Cut it open to find a semi-firm paste with a delicious color that comes from grass-fed cow’s milk. We age it in our cheese cave which hides under an earthen berm built into the side of our creamery. We “wash” the rind of the cheese a few times a week with Westport River Vineyard’s Rose Farmer’s Fizz, a sparking wine we love. The washing encourages beneficial molds and yeasts to grow on the rind and give it its distinctive look and flavor.



Little SomethinLittle Somethingg is a French-style bloomy rind cheese. We make it in very small batches in a traditional fashion, hand-ladeling small amounts of soft curd into cheese forms after a long culturing phase. It’s ripe and ready to eat anywhere from two to four weeks later, becoming progressively softer from the rind down into the center of the paste. It’s deliciously delicate, with aromas of mushroom, cream and lemon. We find it’s dangerously easy to consume an entire wheel in one sitting.